Intermediate I

Intermediate Accounting I Tutor

All Intermediate 1 accounting courses teach the same subjects and concepts presented on this website. This is what your professor wants you to know. For each subject covered, the following is available:

Key Things to Know: “Chapter summary” of terms, calculations, journal entries

Practice as You Learn: Step by step “how to” for things you must learn how to do

Practice Tests: Different levels of difficulty with fully explained answers. Multiple
choice questions help you understand the concepts and make
working problems so much easier.

Video Lectures for Each Subject

The website is simple and direct. The questions are designed to consistently repeat the key concepts that will make up at least 90% of your test. Answers are fully explained in a step by step, this is how you think about it, approach. Focus your studying and reduce your study time.

Important: You must use Internet Explorer to access the study materials. The study material pages are encrypted to protect the copyrighted content and require the Internet Explorer javascript decoder.




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